Setting Policies

Here are the policies and guidelines that help us create content for both our settings as well as how we handle certain concepts within them as well. This ensures consistency, clarity, Transparency and the ability to make non arbitrary decisions in regards to our settings and characters.

There is some cross-over with the System Department as these policies help us maintain game balance, and some cross-over with the Social Department to ensure our content is not harmful in anyway to our players.

Some of our policies are about preserving the theme and tone of our Settings and the handling certain aspects of game design that could be particularly tricky for our game setup.

Though much of our policies are concerned with content design and submission. This is to help make sure anyone and everyone can submit content for the settings. It is also about making sure what is submitted is readable by everyone. This is also why many content submission guidelines have a word count limit to help make sure that someone isn't overloaded with information and can easily find the important need to know parts.

When it comes to the wiki - this is where we keep -all- of our information, it is how players learn about the setting and get the ideas on what to expect - It was once said: For a new player, the wiki is THE way to make heads or tails of the world

Therefore the target audience of our wiki information is the players. While yes there is information in here that is largely applicable for A/SHs, still we want to keep our players informed of everything - after all it is the players that become the A/SHs and so on.

All official information also needs to be in the OOC voice. IC perspectives can be fun, but can make things very confusing. Therefore keeping such information in the OOC voice is to ensure that the information is concrete to help players know the setting and what expect when they play in them.
Anything in an IC voice once that is done will be considered a story and is merely there to help provide some flavor should a player desire to play off of that, but that information is not more then just flavor and not considered the official information.

Before anything is created it is advised to see if that information could instead be used to expand on something that already exists. We want to aim for quality -not- quantity. Too many little articles can easily overwhelm players, especially a new player, and important information can quickly get buried. Therefore if something can be used to supplement or expand an existing article it will be considered for that first before something completely new will be made.

Our setting content is not owned by any single player (A/SH or not) and no one person gets more say than another about it. This content is owned by the entire community, which means anything created can be used or questioned by anyone at anytime. This is to keep content from falling behind, keep things dynamic and moving, and keep content from getting too limited. Anyone at anytime can contribute new material to existing material following the guidelines. This is what we want to encourage. This content is -everyone's-.

Any submission of new content or discussion of our content should happen onsite for it to be recorded and able to be verified. Remember - if it is not written down in the wiki or approved in the forums, then it does not exist - and is not considered official. The forums are a fantastic place for this and we strongly encourage for people to make as much use of them as possible. It is fine to do drafts off site before bringing them to the forums, and if you are shy about sharing work or do not wish to join the Setting Department in order to post on the Setting forums, then you can also directly pm people in Setting you are comfortable with to let them present it on your behalf. Any offsite communications about setting materials will not be considered official until they are brought to the site for discussion, the one exception is if it is answering a question about information that has already been recorded somewhere on site.
See also: Transparency

Player characters may be referenced in a wiki article - but only the relevant information to that article should be there. The wiki is not to be used to house 'personal' pages for a player character, all that information should be on their sheets. This help keeps our wiki focused on relevant setting information to help players navigate and learn about the setting, prevent an accidental 'kidnapping' of a character as someone may think the character was a NPC, and keep other people from altering a player character without the player's permission.

For updates on Setting changes see: Recent Setting Changes