07/15/2017 Site Election: 2017

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07/15/2017 Site Election: 2017
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Each year Vaxia has an election for the key positions on our site. This is so that we can always be sure that the current leadership is connected to and trusted by our players.

Available positions are:

  • Setting Lead
  • Social Lead
  • System Lead

Please take a moment to review the candidates for this year and select those you feel to be the best choices for the available positions.

Where more than one winner for a position is allowed, select your set of top choices for each position. The winners will be selected from the combined results of all choices for the postion.

The order of the votes doesn't matter - both candidates you pick for a given department go into the pool of votes evenly. Your A vote doesn't get any more weight than your B vote, so select them in any order you choose.

Setting: The setting department is responsible for the development and maintenance of the game settings of vaxia.org. The setting department is responsible for creating and maintaining documentation on the setting to be stored publicly in the wiki and providing training on setting details. This department also approves world-changing sessions and sagas proposed by storyhosts and resolves any consistency issues between existing plots and sessions. The setting department is responsible for confirming if a thing exists in the setting but is not responsible for implementing the system mechanics for it.

Each specific game-setting on vaxia.org has two setting leads. A site member may serve as a lead for more than one setting at a time so there will be a minimum of two leads in the setting department but they should make it clear at any point which setting they are speaking for at the time.

Social: The social department is responsible for maintaining the health of the community of vaxia.org. This includes moderation duties, interpersonal conflict resolution, communication assistance, helping newbies, creating and maintaining site and newbie tutorials and running community activities. In addition, the social department may act as a neutral party in disputes, assuming the social department itself is not in conflict of interest.

System: The system department is responsible for the game mechanics and overall game balance of the vaxian system as implemented in the settings of vaxia.org. This includes creating and maintaining documentation on rules, training new ASHs and keeping existing SHs trained regularly, as well as maintaining the Apprentice Storyhost Course. The system department is responsible for implementing numbers and rules for in-game elements the setting department has confirmed exist but is not responsible for confirming the existence of the element in the setting.

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Proposal help:
Proposals are meant to be a way to formally make a request for the input of site members. Forum threads and five-star ratings are not accurate enough for the big things. So here's how this works:
  • If you change your mind after you vote, you will be able to go back in and delete or change your vote up until the proposal closes.
  • The form will be open for 2 weeks, after which it will automatically close.
  • If the original poster edits it in that timespan the timer will re-set. This is to make sure everyone can get a chance to weigh in.
  • Only users active when the proposal was created can vote on it. This is to avoid ballot stuffing.
  • No one, not even the original poster will be able to see the names or IP addresses of the people do vote.
  • After the two week window has passed, the proposal will close and results will be publicly availble in a tab on this page.
7 out of 22 potential voters (32 %) responsed to this proposal. 7 out of 10 potential voters active on the site while the proposal was open (70 %) responded to this proposal.
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Summary of responses reflects how many users selected a given value in the poll. In general, the larger the number the stronger the overall preference for that result. Text responses are briefly summarized but should be read individually.

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