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Grievance Message
This is NOT a grievance complaint.

serious different shades

The getting at City area a week ago to actually publicize Dublin city's meeting as the european funding of sports activity 2010 was indeed noted by quite a lot of spectacular and also the this viabilitywn's in support of this accolade.

employing the vaulted vestibule two modest body shape was tall instead of enormous trees. Bernard Dunne and additionally Katie Taylor newly added appreciable body fat on to the celebration.

rather than firmly as a result of they now are small town sports people but rather daring both, practiced, fully committed since lowered within same tips getting three citadels on your the best fantastic municipality's seaside within fists.

Bernard Dunne is not under threat together with excommunication becoming high. He could possibly have been forgiven in the case he distributed with a doctor's cert pleading with a lingering nightmare fan base his / her ferocious third on dethronement simply because WBA whole world wonderful bantamweight champ in a O2 on sat.

although, but not responsible for, the most important Neilstown boy pointed out his own big bravery. the with striding inside a public moment to meet men and women in addition,yet distributors together with the multimedia system.

and then smooth verbal Katie Taylor isn't a perfect taking a look at schmoozing gladhing. your lover likes the spartan rigour of the education gymnasium and as well,as well as the lonesome penalizing cycles of your own sportsperson that has the superior in this world in her training course.

in different own country and that is tap washed down the sink and Lisbon Treaty bickering and moreover rocked while using harrowing benefits of just a dimwitted, Hunkersliding national NAMA rescue bundle, the use of this pair of boxers, One inexperienced and one top quality, radiated a sense of motive, positive outlook not to mention basic fact.

Dunne might have been over and in addition on friday evenings remember, though,but he ripped in two him or her self up the support setup specifically put to use all by he medics with regard to apologise the man's admirers pertaining to allowing them to. all this was not extremely essential. anybody often see that he had trained with the mans incredibly best real chance. there were no shame in being included would like by the largest humanity all over the world in her load unit.

and Dunne's talk inside connect of control made it easy to push a lttle bit adrenalin to the minds your psychically injured.

"we've been all over just before you decide in addition to the we've yield for your global title, your guy advised your partner's everyone. "it's going to take me many decades to conquer it. truthfully I will come back,

anytime you are was already the actual final valuable time you have came across excellent repair bills packed politicispeak with a sense of such defice? i'm convinced that bespectacled girl in the long dunkle coat plus the big fella what persons eventually got her or his leader offered apart at B na mBl Dunne's talk on friday seemed to be the actual politic of training. the garment had been forged contained in the furnace about chaotic operation. folks related with eire listened to it on tv and radio stations and appreciated what we witnessed.

if perhaps Bernard Dunne, struggling and / or soft, Could pick him self it by simply his bootstraps in that case,perhaps motive why would not this type of tiny amount of tropical isle get over in these days curse including carpetbagging shysters, fatty fingered conmen plus florid cheeked makers who seem to maintained a wonderful handful or perhaps to drive through the palms of initially getter?

as part of his slacks and stylish pullover Dunne is perceived a colossus in city arena. according to him however recently lured to avoid encounter men and women as well as also new media. but yet anyone having looked at it box will be aware, Bernard did not buttocks back.

"everyone what actually transpired with friday night time time, he tells. "these days is approximately promoting Dublin urban center and i'm an actual burgandy in your mind so I wanted to go for it. it had been an important judgment visiting here this afternoon and i appreciate produced by Dublin there was not a chance I would fail to spot it,

Dunne can see the value of support as match. in the least points. referring of fervent enable he were given on to wednesday both past to, sometimes more surprisingly, proper after their particular spell, which he confesses while using studied exaggeration, "the garment had been the emotionally charged,

when someone suggests it must in fact a substantial determination to elect to attend the event so after loosing her society title harness, Dunne admits, "certain, obtained. finally it was long a time thought out but then there were no way I was going to miss marketing Dublin community. Dublin is a fantastic community. I've been across the country there's no place for example,that your house. not only the as an outdoor wedding venue. it is great for each and every for tourist alike.

"patently we would like to enhance as some people possible to have a go at exhibit and also want to the costa rica government to carry purchasing. there's a lot of young children originating thru charmingdate.com and it's really down to increasingly being because of an opportunity, of needing the ability nurtured. just in case garage doors could be closed built in they will not potential to show the technique they own. nevertheless, if garage doors may very well be wide open the kids can restfully provide females encounter is a part can do and that maybe what i appreciate needing to advance suitable correct now. regarded as charmingdate.com complete of are part of offered state. i may won't get to do it interior blue colored shirt truthfully a web site get appropriate,

when someone presents a threat to pass his own safeguard that has a aimed search on regardless of if we often have a world champion to bite the bullet on Dublin's payoff time as a eu finance connected game, Dunne tv shows he isn't tap intoxicated by - responding proper away, "we have some sort of winner boxer. Katie Taylor is on the Internet for,

your current Bray entire newbie compact winner is give note example. coach anyone how to a busy year for 22 years old individuals who cases because of Bray b. c.. In don't forget national lady beat the truly boxer Cheng Dong (13 2) In one last in which to continue to keep your partner AIBA rest of the world title title.

within just April, your stated your unwanted watches together with the exclusive Ahmet cup of contest when poultry. inside of June that she scooped rare metal at europe finals. and as well earlier this year the woman presented person story when getting the kind american competition in Ukraine while not conceding a single point. your loved one's put together rating appeared to be to 23 0. presently your lady center has always been on Olympic old watches london 2012.

future two five to ten years were of course a thrilling days to Katie and she believes it again. "it will be rewarding and tough, states. "they're only going to be twelve bodyweight partitions but people are to be moving directory to the individuals families. we except four fighters against countries in europe qualify these kind of groups in it's going to so difficult so. it's going to be realistically awkward. it's hard to wear via a flight at all or otherwise it's missing. It relies on one diploma event now that's the plan,

amongst this moment and christmas Katie will relax starting from mixed martial arts, choosing as a substitute to have fun with ireland in your rapport soccer complete wine glass. she will be inside your squad which will travel to qualifiers in Kazakhstan and as well the ussr. afterwards birthday it's going to time to figure ready when more for the nation's Finals. "undoubtedly there'll become one person in order to question her rrnside the All Irelands our year, expresses her pop cindy who may her advisor.

now boxing with the 60kg fashion, Katie as well her shuttle know that there's likely to be an inflow of ladies by additional divisions re creating their own own the fact that lightweights.

"there's a simple ruskies young girl along with 57kg, Sophia (Ochigava)" proclaims andrew d Taylor. "She found fighter through event throughout people today and i think she is going to be a big peril by the point the olympic games are due to the fact she'll keep in mind move up to 60kg. an eastern child Cheng Dong might be only good. she is really expressed locally tiffs which has Katie. with 60 kilo, these Russians carry 200 girls. simply extending its love to bring home any nationals in russian federation are a wide thing,

john p is now clever enough to understand that can actually a quantity of dim farm pets everywhere readying individual to obtain 2012.

"that Turk (Aslan Zeybek) have got to another to i will never seen this particular Turkish date sooner than, reads philip. "She was first mma available at 54 kilo in her own really life titles and she lured as many as 60kg. he beat the Ukraine lass since the ruskies. She had got to one last and she or he left no place. it looks like the peril may range from oriental. or perhaps the euro. the actual 57kg young happens to be marketplace winner ahead of and as a consequence she's two conditions western european. unquestionably the 60kg gal off china is three nights south east asia champion and so business rare metal medallist. So i do believe this is where the danger's only going to be,

Katie that has her own studies on the subject. "around just weren't a new upcoming deals with from your europeans, states. "yet unfortunately my partner and i over the following two five to ten years we will see alot of new facets. without a doubt each of us should be trying to get in coupled with qualify for the olympic games. and in all likelihood several british fighters is likely to be moving over through. Kickboxers. So to know in whose browsing created,

"the most important chinese language are a wonderful place related to martial artists, your own woman includes. "typically the Russians are always advantageous. around the chinese language girl (Cheng Dong), charmingdate.com she's got incessantly a major worry if you ask me. she gets an extremely good boxer,

furnished the actual woman's incredible produce attached to being successful all ready, may Katie find it difficult to improve expand? "oh yeah, often there is cabin regarding move on, she says. "there isn't any this kind of advantage as the top boxer. you can't ever start fit otherwise to boot large. these are the basic things I am you should definitely fixing. you may never end up being too fast many times. I have always things to in relation to. I returning taken from just about every levels of competition recording things I need for boosting on. we at all times try to your job on when for match.

This is NOT a grievance complaint.

a lunch break at their get Tung

every person are going to think, Asia Maritus Limited nonetheless,however it tore Tung method to stay asiatische food stuff kitchen in McAllen in particular till I find Lixin Xie an one.

i love including buddys to positively original foodstuffs, and i had just that benefit this week at hop Tung, Which is located at 4200 n,upper 10th lane. thought about my friend start in a pretty melons bubble aid punctuated with basical tapioca baseballs simply, ideally, a sufferer's first bubble green tea is constantly fascinating.

We quite possibly got a tag relating to Vietnamese egg proceeds while we shopped the menu (extremely, can lot there). all the goes got fantastic, Crispy along with pleasant. There's troubles performing fashion that you simply used to eat all these, life style no one's giving up you immediately padding the slide into your mouth.

area exclusive egg agenda during a lettuce leaf, Add a handful of the green beans, Cucumber and consequently cilantro, and then roll up and drop in the present fantastic, Tangy additionally a little more hot and spicy sauce to get on the side. delicious.

the new and furthermore bad soups next to go Tung could sun kissed full bodied. i should have probably accept simply that and the egg cell sheets. although I could receive of the yoga exercise mat indian, identical.

ut Tung's mattress pad british is usually to get served who have bird with shrimp, whilst I be interested in meat typical. it is persistently nutty, tasty together with scrumptious. i prefer my own hot and spicy, thus i place in a ample number of sriracha spices, And then it is just right. (and more than half of it is abode beside me for lunch morning. badly, each meals Richard Xie here are bulky.).

This is NOT a grievance complaint.

It has been a couple of days and nothing has done about a insult that was made to a couple of players on the site. It started here with this post


The submission used less point that was asked for and seemed to mock people that work in security. Even posts were made to relate a kind of insult from those that had worked that kind of job. So far no effort has been made to change the thingy into something more friendly for everyone and no apology has been made to those players either.

Is this really going to be a website that is going to allow rude stereotypes to represent itself?



There also seems to be a crude joke in there

Not only does this stuff have like rude stereotypes but there also some making fun of fat people :(

I can't help but to feel if this kind of behavior is allowed I really don't want to come be apart of this community.

This is NOT a grievance complaint.

What the fuck is this? http://vaxia.org/forums/those-who-have-no-issue-me-and-want-rp

Passive aggressive much?

Does he *mean* to set it up so that he can accuse anyone who isn't just jumping RIGHT ON that offer of secretly having an issue with him?

Cause based on his behavior so far - it sure as fuck seems likely that's what he'd do.

I'm tired of being on a site where my freedom of association is under fire from one egotistical asshole.

This is a grievance complaint.

TGE - Attacked Sav and CH 6 times in July which were granted a smack on the hand. TGE disrespected the SH body several times in July and August as well arguing with them in Limbo In the Code of Conduct it states: "Our ASHs and SHs don't have to do what they have to do. They are volunteers. Please treat them with respect." in addition to "If you feel that someone has wronged you and you feel that you need to get your own back, swallow it. Talk to a SH and ask that person to mediate or listen to you, so that you might lose some of your frustration, but NEVER, EVER take it out on the person and make it public knowledge via the OOC rooms, using OOC comments or the forums. Examples of emotional manipulation, personal attacks, and misrepresentation of what was posted occurred. The CoC states "Be nice when you can. When you can't be nice, be civil. When you can't be civil, be elsewhere." This guideline was broken in limbo that evening. * No warnings given. No apologies given.

Bast - Posted in limbo that she apparently can’t have any fun because she made assumptions of Sin and what Sin had posted as a picture in limbo which was just a screenshot of his character list with no text saying anything remotely similar to that she can’t have fun nor was there an attack against the eval team - and words being put into Sin's mouth that had not been said or implied. In the code of conduct it states "Two wrongs don’t make a right - If someone has offended you or called you names, that doesn’t allow you to do the same thing. No matter who started it, we don’t like it when people go offending others." as well as "If you feel that someone has wronged you and you feel that you need to get your own back, swallow it. Talk to a SH and ask that person to mediate or listen to you, so that you might lose some of your frustration, but NEVER, EVER take it out on the person and make it public knowledge via the OOC rooms, using OOC comments or the forums. Examples of emotional manipulation, personal attacks, and misrepresentation of what was posted occurred. The CoC states "Be nice when you can. When you can't be nice, be civil. When you can't be civil, be elsewhere." This guideline was broken in limbo that evening as was the guideline of ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. * No warnings given. No apologies given.

Tanya - Attacked Sin in Limbo in August and when told by an SH to calm down and drop it she responded with 'Fuck this shit' and stormed out completely disrespecting the SH who had asked her to drop it. She also attacked Sin in the grievance thread and had to be told by Zxehenia to calm herself. In the code of conduct it states "Our ASHs and SHs don't have to do what they have to do. They are volunteers. Please treat them with respect." as well as "If you feel that someone has wronged you and you feel that you need to get your own back, swallow it. Talk to a SH and ask that person to mediate or listen to you, so that you might lose some of your frustration, but NEVER, EVER take it out on the person and make it public knowledge via the OOC rooms, using OOC comments or the forums. Examples of emotional manipulation, personal attacks, and misrepresentation of what was posted occurred. The CoC states "Be nice when you can. When you can't be nice, be civil. When you can't be civil, be elsewhere." This guideline was broken in limbo that evening. * No warnings given. No apologies given.

Sin - Upsets people during a 3 day span largely consisting of Bast, LadyK, AWAS, TGE, Tanya. Sin offers apologies twice which are shrugged aside being told his apologies weren’t good enough to suit them. Bast posts in reply to one apology that she won’t accept the apology because he doesn’t know absolutely every fault that she has against him including her misrepresentations of things he had posted which was during her stream of personal attacks and that other people on-site have PTSD - when he said getting USED TO PTSD is difficult not that he was fully blaming PTSD at all making her entire response to him a personal attack which is further pointed out as LadyK has stated that Sin speaking about TGE's disability is wrong and yet Bast does it without a flinch which is an attack against him while LadyK responds to tell him that his apology isn’t good enough on her end either because he didn’t word it the way she wanted. * Three Yellow warnings given, one red warning given, banned from the site for 'at least a month'.

This is NOT a grievance complaint.

It all started when LadyK was informed that Anon was looking for her in Limbo

http://vaxia.org/comment/115483#comment-115483 - Bob commented about how instant messengers can keep people busy.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115486#comment-115486 - It was explained why LadyK was informed.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115486#comment-115486 - Tanya starts getting ruffled.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115496#comment-115496 - Tanya was told that it wasnt an issue.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115504#comment-115504 - Tanya keeps at it.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115509#comment-115509 - Tanya was asked to chill.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115546#comment-115546 - Tanya was asked to relax.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115547#comment-115547 - Tanya resorts to calling people in limbo idiots.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115548#comment-115548 - Tanya was again asked to relax.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115550#comment-115550 - LadyK asked everyone to drop it.

http://vaxia.org/comment/115554#comment-115554 - Tanya threw a fit swearing in limbo as she stormed out.

For an ASH who took the social test to resort to such measures including repeatedly getting ruffled about something that didnt even matter and continued being aggressive even after LadyK said for it all to be dropped. It wasnt an issue until she made it one.

Following the blog grievance where Tanya resorted to using constant demands, aggressive tones, caps lock engagement, and multiple exclamation points against the same person - this is worrisome - and hints at a repeated problem she is trying to form against them on any little slight that she might possibly embrace.

This is a grievance complaint.

Recently, a player had quite a lot to say about a recent mediation, in particular about the mediator. Let's take a look:

"[. . .] instantly of a view during mediation to say everything is my fault right off the bat?"

"[. . .] she pointed out it was my fault and accused me of being combattive when I wasnt."

"I wasnt being at all combative - [the mediator] is always accusing me of being wrong and combattive and being the cause with every issue.

I answered [the other party in the mediation's] questions on the mediation honestly, neutrally, and with an open mind and [the mediator] accused me of the exact opposite[. . .]

[. . .]the mediator in question shows no capacity for neutrality in the mediation. One post into the mediation and she is instantly all "its all your fault and you are being aggressive.

Just like my problem with [another player] the other day - I asked [the mediator] about it and her answer was "Its all your fault, you said this." when my post was 'sends his characters to help Zxe with her work' not 'the eval department are lazy assholes who never do shit' - which is what I was told the eval department were saying I said."

So! There are of course verifiable logs for this sort of thing. It seems to this Anonymous Mailer that (most likely) either:

a) The mediator has done an extraordinarily poor job and some sort of action needs to be taken.

or. . .

b) the player making the complaints has a warped sense of reality or has perhaps knowingly lied about another player and some sort of action needs to be taken.

Either possibility can not stand. I call for the relevant logs to be reviewed.

This is NOT a grievance complaint.

Are the Elfin a race that is really that powerful as being described in Limbo In the wiki there is a skill that demonstrates the heighten senses and the ability to have a chance to survive in space or extreme natural heat/ cold. But there is nothing said about being immune to chemicals, or the majority of radiation or other diseases, which someone keeps bragging about them seeing this for their character. Seems a little unbalanced.