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sorry some guild drama popped up so was handling that


Yup! Bast's arrived late

Yup! Bast's arrived late yesterday, there was squeeing. The paws are So Good

Also your present arrived so we've come full circle :D


May be a few min late,

May be a few min late, wrapping up errands.

But a theme for today how does ice sculpting in the grand park sound?

Though if not feeling it can always shelve it for another day


absolutely hands down a

absolutely hands down a victory - demon zebras are hard to find, much less demon zebra we like


ish - it's been up and down,

ish - it's been up and down, work is doing better, parentals aren't - and just a LOT of busy and overwhelmed and messy life - i'm only now really manageing to get back on the site


Anyway gnaws That's about it,

Anyway gnaws That's about it, in a nutshell, spread over the last 8 or so months.

Hope y'all have been doing a bit better.


They keep me stupid busy in

They keep me stupid busy in the office as it is, so no time to do anything during normal daytime hours, and too mentally and physically drained by the time I get home to do anything else until the next day.


Oh bloody hell...

Oh bloody hell...

That seems to have been a theme with medical stuff and red tape...

And yeah keeping everything crossed in the hopes something will fall into place.


I just hate not knowing when

I just hate not knowing when I will finally be out. It's holding up my transition stuff so like, I know what I want to do, but I can't do anything toward it until I start the transition.


GAH! omg buracracy sucks :(

GAH! omg buracracy sucks :(

crosses all relevant appendages I hope it can all get sorted out for the best asap - that sounds like a special kind of miserable all the way around :(


1. Came to light that I was

1. Came to light that I was not getting promoted fast enough, so the Army's considering kicking me out.
2. Second clot in my legs, going through a med board. Someone forgot to flip a switch, leading to
3. Got notice of being transferred to Georgia for a third tour, all the while
4. Passed the 19 year point, and until I could clear the first 3, couldn't request retirement coming up now in ... 10 months.

It took a bit of time, but the med board part finally flicked the switch, cancelling the transfer and the boot.

But now I'm in a bit of Limbo because now I have to submit a request to stay on in light of my medical crap, so now I'm waiting for a signature on two documents so I can do that... before 3 January, but the guy that needs to sign it is out on an exercise for the next two weeks ...

So now I'm hoping to get things in on time.

But, technically, at the time I submit my retirement request, I need to have a year left to complete a department-mandated transition program. So, if it comes to that, rather than 30 Sep 2019, it's looking more like 31 Jan 2020. Not sure I can last that long without mouthing off to someone or getting in some kind of other trouble.


Yeah, I was assuming at this

Yeah, I was assuming at this point the usual limits were being forgiven atm as a contingency in dealing with the lull.

Cuz yeah.. and I mean it isn'tr even here... like WoW its everywhere