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Grand Park

The Grand Park brings a bit of nature to the sprawling urban mass that is the black city of Ramsalon It is fairly close to the center part of the city, but not quite, but no matter it offers a different kind of atmosphere than the other parts of the city. It is lined with very large trees, providing a kind of natural wall to provide a break from the usual noises of the city. Some parts of the wall even turn into tiny little forests dotted about the park. During the Naga Nori War some of the grounds were damaged, busted up and burned. Most of the structures within the are have been restored, but some of the smaller shops are no more. Some citizens have also planted some new saplings to replace some of the trees that were completely destroyed, as well as planting some more bushes and flowers to bolster the greenery. Everything seems to be taking root well and once more life blooms in the park.

There are many different kinds of walk ways and trails that weave about the park passing by and through all the little forests, gardens, fountains and wide open grassy areas. Sprinkled along the ways are all kinds of benches Several places all kinds of people come to perform, putting on all kinds of shows for those walking on by. Vendors can often set up shop along some of the popular route, offering all kinds of snacks, drink, or even trinkets to indulge in. During the warm seasons, the entire park is lush with plant and animal life. Then in the winter, snow accumulates in drifts with the paths carved through making it look like a winter maze.

Candy Shoppe RP Chatroom is a cute little candy shop nested in a shopping area of the Grand Park. Staffed mostly by Faeries it offers a huge selection of all kinds of candy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The East Side RP Chatroom of the park is stately and dignified. The trees seem to form a small forest in this section of the park, tall and graceful, and there are a multitude of small shops lining the eastern edge of the Grand Park here. There are remains of an ancient portal believed to have once been part of the Namori portal net work that have become a kind work of art for the park. The portal is made up of pillars and blocks, all surrounding a square stone platform with a circular crystal like disk that sits on top of it. It has been overgrown with vines that curl all around its pillars and blocks and then cascade down like magnificent curtains. There is a small gathering of trees around it with some flowering bushes mixed in. Before the Darkest Night there have been a few attempts to see if the portal could be properly reactivated to no avail. After the Naga Nori War the Shi Inkahan Empire let the Elven Alliance remove the crystals that seemed still infused with magic, ensuring that even if somehow it could be reactivated it can't. Now it sits there quiet, a monument to how nature reclaims even the most hardy of construction.

There is a Fountain Area RP Chatroom located in the west side of the park and has become one of the centerpieces of the city. The fountain showed up shortly after the Darkest Night. No one really knows whom built the fountain but the story is that the night after the last attack of the Darkest Night had settled that the fountain appeared. It is said to be a gift to the city from a nature spirit whom is even believed to be living in the fountain as some citizens have claimed to see it. The fountain itself is massive, made from all kinds of marble. In some places soft moss grows, but the water within the fountain never seems to get dirty or overran with algae and gunk. It is in the shape of a rectangle with walls just high enough to serve as a comfortable seat for most adults. In the very center is a statue that seems to be a rendering of swirling water and vines reaching up that water cascades down in sheets forming waterfalls. Smaller statues accent the corners with long swirls to let the water run as if fanciful dancing. No matter the time of year the water has no trouble running.

The Park Center RP Chatroom is just a grassy zone in the center of the park where no trees, flowers or bushes grow at all. West of the treeless patch about 30 yards is a massive Black Marble Oak tree, and to the east about the same distance there lays a rune-covered stone.

There are some Sparring Grounds RP Chatroom in a clearing at the south side of the Grand Park. It is an entire complex designed to handle any type of fighter, magical and physical. Here there are setups where people can spar or make use of several types of training dummies, with several environments to pick to practice on such as a stone flooring or a grassy area with obstacles. There is a small stone building in the Sparring Grounds, built for days when sparring outside is impossible due to weather or other factors. The floor has various markings on it for various types of duels and there are obstacles that can be moved onto the floor as well.

The Special Events Areas RP Chatroom and Havest Festival Grounds RP Chatroom are spaces large enough to be dedicated to festivals and special events. These areas are designed to handle a sudden increase of traffic as well as whatever equipment and temporary buildings and stages that are required for such events and festivals. The set up is so that it also won't disrupt the day to day activity that goes on in the park and that the event won't be disturbed or interrupted by the day to day on goings of the city. So when a circus, traveling zoo, or other big event comes into the city they will set up here.


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"Well didn't hurt to ask, but

"Well didn't hurt to ask, but I may have some other leads in that direction. Just need to find some time to see if I can catch up with them. Worst case, can always figure out a back up somehow."

She grinned as Lu inquired as to what would be the favorites. "Well if you careful with your bite size or just don't mind the level of heat there was some kind of jerked chicken I think it was, that they used honey to help delay some of the immediate heat so you have a rush of flavor, then burn. It was interesting. Otherwise I think there was some smoked salmon about that they had various sauces of which they dipped it in afterwards. Course I think someone else also had much of that..." she said with an eye towards the raven, whom sensed he was the subject of something and just popped up trying to look all innocent...

that is until there was more of the luring. Scaramouche is easy really food and attention (or worship by his count). So once he was in the range of getting the pets, he figured what was up and was happy to allow his subject to fawn upon him as they should...

"Well I don't think I got to eat much of my original pass, so I am overdue for an actual chance to taste some more. Shall we?"

no worries maddy, thanks for stopping in! was awesome as usual :3
same bast! thanks again! <3


Briggy maaay be luring the

Briggy maaay be luring the raven over - and over some more - mostly so she can scritch under the feathers for a few moments while the raven chows down. Cause like the raven's fascination with shiney things - she's fascinated with petting fluffy critters.

"Askin' me to pick is like askin' me to pick m'favorite book - I like em all -" And of course her stomach rumbled again, eager for a second plate. If no one was gonna finish theirs, she would.

"I was thinking of gettin' another round m'self -"

same, its'... late ;) and thank you! this was a lot of fun!


"Pity," Lucrezia muses, not

"Pity," Lucrezia muses, not altogether surprised to hear Brigannia's father isn't inclined toward assassinations. A decent, principled man. Will wonders never cease.

Putting her mind back on food, she takes another long, fruitful breath of the heady air wafting off all the various stalls, resting a paw on both their backs now that she's momentarily unburdened by her own plate. "So! Tell me, which was your favorite? I should like to get a second helping, erm, to go, of course..."

I think I am needing to bow out there - thank you both! It's been WAY too long -_-


"A very appropriate

"A very appropriate comparison." She agreed softtly, her own appetite having long been squashed between her own nature of not eating a whole lot in a go, and the distraction of conversation. Though it delighted Saramouche as it much as it could, as he was more then happy to start snatching up the pieces, as if partaking of a forbidden treat as he could.

Though now she did feel a bit on the terrible side, as it would seem some appetites were ruined, though she tried to be light on the details as to leave the much of it for when the planing for the task to be done was to come.

The raven is no match for the lure of food. Shiny objects sure he can plot and plan, food though... if its within reach its on. So soon there was a bit of a crash of feathers and caw as he went after the tasty treat with great vigor.

Mo nodded her head at the mention of vengeance for her. "And as such, the vendetta." she confirmed.

She gives a soft smile towards Lu as the show goes on. "Well if the weather keeps up, perhaps we can find you a few more places, would make for a good escape once the winter settles in aye? A bit of a treat to help be reminded of warmer times."


Briggy wrinkled her nose "Or

Briggy wrinkled her nose "Or punchin' if y'need that. I ain't above punchin' a girl - possessed or not. Specially if'n it'd be more like vengeance fer her." She pointed with a strip of bacon just to make her point before chewing on it.

Briggy slipped a little bit more chicken stealthily in the direction of the raven, luring him more onto the table instead of hopping around on everyone's heads.

"Eh?" She shook her head at Lu, "Magic yes - but not t'assassinatin' kind. He's kinda picky about that sorta deal - rather fight face t'face. An' if one of 'em starts takin' up with assassins then nothin' stoppin' the others from doing the same. So no one wants to escalate to that - y'know? Same sorta rules as targetin' medical tents."


Lucrezia wrinkles her muzzle,

Lucrezia wrinkles her muzzle, eyeing the last bits of her plate of meats with an odd and sudden lack of appetite. "Of course. Like a slumlord of the mind, bleeding the tenants dry before reclaiming the hollowed space. What a monster."

She turns to Brigannia. "Do you think your father knows anyone willing to do mercenary assassinations in the dream realm on commission? Purely intellectual curiosity, of course." Her lip curls on its own and she looks for a spot to set her plate aside while she works to reclaim her composure. "Right. In the morning, then, we'll start to unmake the bastard's every comfort until yours is the only option remaining. And then it will be his turn to bleed."

She sucks in a deep breath, hearing the snarl starting in at the edges of her words. Her ears flick on their own and an easy smile appears on her face. She doesn't expect it would fool someone as seasoned as Mo but it's a worthy performance for any onlookers, certainly. "Well! I am positively stuffed. What an excellent little happening this all was. I believe I have a new favorite or two to search for in the future..."


Moreaaiwe nodded her head a

Moreaaiwe nodded her head a little, and while she was at it tempted the raven back down off her head and towards the platter so at least to give her poor neck a break from the wobbling.
"Aye, this is something better discussed after a lighter meal if at all... I do have plenty of moments where I can slip away as need be, so just let me know when is best for you."

She chuckled a bit. "It was a plan born out of , a kind of opportunity you could say, and a bit of keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. There was already a hint of obsession of sorts for you should have seen the flower arrangements they were gifting once they had begun establishing themselves in reality once more. So, the best way to infiltrate..." Her voice trailed off as she gestured a bit with her hands, as she had pretty much already laid out the foundation of what she had been working on so far.

she tried to stifle the smile that came at Briggy's fawning over how apparently one of her romance novels has seem to come to life. Though as she mentioned pinning the girl down, Mo turned a bit more somber once more. "Unfortunately, their psyche has completely devoured hers, I watched it fade, her body is alive, but her, essence, is long gone."


"Worst thing he's ever had t

"Worst thing he's ever had t'do was go marchin' on a nest o'lawyers..." She shrugged. "Worth it though - no one tried t'slip anything past him f'the next five years. Somethin' about an injunction..." She saluted with a forkful of hummus.

Briggy listened to the story with increasingly wide eyes and a almost star struck look on her face, fork stopped midway to her mouth. It was the exact same look that was often on kids faces on listening to stories of grand adventures or romance. "....oh....mah gawd... that is so cooool. Ah think ah read a book like that once..." She whispered, seemingly unaware that she was saying that out loud.

"Ah love it. Jus' dunno how ah can help. If y'need help pinnin' t'girl down without hurtin' her later on - ah can give it a shot."


Lucrezia manages a grin at

Lucrezia manages a grin at her own expense. "Yes, well, I suppose I am getting at least a little predictable in my old age." She shudders at the mention of possession. "Well then by all means we should begin at once. Er, perhaps in the morning, after all this wonderful fare has had a chance to settle."

" interesting strategy. I confess I rather like the literary nature of it, if nothing else. Unfortunately I'm also not familiar with dream magics. There are certain overlaps between mentis scholarly works and dreaming, but it isn't quite the same thing, and certainly not on this scale. But at least I can help cut off his mundane resources to help prevent further damage in our physical realm."


"Ah wonderful, I wouldn't

"Ah wonderful, I wouldn't have wanted to impose otherwise, but I had a feeling it may be of interest, and this i a bit more, well I dare say exciting then many cases I suppose." she said as Lu seem on board with the budding idea that Mo had.

There was a grim chuckle as Briggy commented on getting the good stuff. "There were some, minor victories I suppose, but for the time being they do have the upper hand. Though, considering certain suspicions and with the aide of a talent contract broker she said with a gesture towards Lu Just may be able to take some of the wind out of their sails."

"Haunting the occasional dream more like it, but they have stolen the physical form of a young lass of whom I was once acquainted with. She had succumbed to his dealings... So now they run about in her skin causing a fair amount of trouble. And trust me, if we can void the inheritance, then there goes their entire means of funding their operations."

"In the meanwhile I have tried to stem some of the tide of trouble in a less than usual way I suppose. As I have basically been trying to make them fall in love with me, in a way...Until I can learn enough to re-entrap them. Though sadly I do also need a dose of talent from one whom is familiar wit the energies of the dream magics, alas I have no talent for it, but I do make a great distraction."


"Oh! My apologies! Good of

"Oh! My apologies! Good of him to be watchful - mercenary companies are often targeted by our less scrupulous partners. Nature of the trade, I supposed - different employers, different locales, different types of work, rotating rosters and loyalties...seedier merchants often see them as the sort to be exploited and written off. I'm glad to hear your father was well-guarded against that sort of treatment."

Her ears perk up immediately when Mo mentions a contract effort. "Of course! Inheritance law is...something of a personal interest of mine, as it happens. Happy to be at your service! I shall make the time."

She raises an eyebrow when Mo comes clean about the nature of the situation. "...trapped in the dream realm? How horrible! So they've been...what, haunting your thoughts?" Her ears flatten again. It was a realm of study she had dabbled in but never fully pursued, for good reason. The sheer potential of it frightened her, and that was a rare feat. "I rather wish I could do a great deal more than handle this bizarre inheritance."


"Oh?" Briggy looked up,

"Oh?" Briggy looked up, glancing between Lu and Mo curiously - after all - they made a good detective team once, right? So if there was something cool going on then it might make up for some old battered (and leaky so the wine wasn't even any good) casks. "mmm?"

"It was salty wine too - t'casks leaked. I assume t'insurance was good fer it though, ah mean they paid well enough."

She blinks a few times as the whole dream demon explanation comes out, staring wide eyed at Mo for a moment. "Aaaawww y'gettin' all t'good stuff. Y'kickin' his butt but good, yeah?"


Mo gently shook her head as

Mo gently shook her head as there was still a raven upon her head, whom was still trying to figure out whom would dare pull his tail feathers, which then would also lead him to scouting out his next swipe of meat.
"No need to apologize, it is a likely scenario as any when such a word of that nature comes up." she said with a soft smile, her words were true, though likely her bit of sadness is amplified by the fact of a vision thanks to the now absent women in white where she basically did watch him die... Of all things to persist..

though as Lu offers her aide, and considering the snippet of topic...a quick and rather wicked grin came to her face. "Actually there just may be, however more within the realm of your current employment, if you have a moment to schedule to talk of it more in depth and the dealings of bequeathment of a fortune of sorts surrounded by a suspicious nature..."

As briggy laments about a curse item, Mo can't help but to laugh. "Well if you drink all the wine, things could get more interesting aye?"

Then as briggy asks straight up to the point. Well, lets see, how to put this. Basically there was this asshole whom didn't want to die, got trapped in the dreamworld, so akin to a genie in the bottle situation with a side of Faustian deals." there was a snap to her voice as she quickly followed with another nibble of something more familiar to her from the Inkahani regions, along with a quick little wiggle of a piece of fish to get Scaramouche's attention and keep him at least satiated for the time being.


".... oh what I would give

".... oh what I would give for a cursed item..." Briggy muttered into a slice curried beef. "... uh - not like that, I mean, it would be fun to get it uncursed and all, right? I mean..." She sighed, "... oil and wine casks are just so.... boooooorrrring." She pouted into her fork.

"Oh dream stuff?" Briggy looked like she was going to try for half a moment to pretend like she knew what Mo was talking about before giving up. ".... what kinda dream stuff?"

"Ah -" She sort of squirmed a little at Lucrezia's question realizing she hadn't actually explained what her family did to the woman, muttering something that sounded a lot closer to 'more like making the salvage' - before clearing her throat. "Ah, not quite salvage. Contract still - and particular about the details, pay, and all that. Uh... mercenary company. Rather large one down south of here - da's picky about t'terms of t'contracts he takes. Gets cranky if someone's tryin' t' pull a fast one or thinks they'll target medical tents on his watch."


Lucrezia shifts her plate to

Lucrezia shifts her plate to free up a hand, resting it lightly on Mo's shoulder. "Oh thank heavens. Forgive me even suggesting it. Well, given what we've tackled together in the past, if there's anything I can do to assist, consider me at your call."

She wrinkles her nose a bit at the mention of cursed artifacts and dreams, not sure exactly what the woman means but not wanting to push the subject and risk souring the otherwise lovely moment. She snags a bit of jerky and slowly gnaws at it while she works to hide the worried expression on her face.

"So your family was into salvage work, Brigannia? Wonderfully fruitful work, it seems like - giving new life to lost things. How far does that tradition go back?"


She crinkled her nose at the

She crinkled her nose at the mention of checking shipping contracts or what not, with a bit of a sigh she murmured softly. "It is a haphazard time for some, especially if they don't have access to such services and get swept up in some under dealings..."

"Likely as no one wants to deal with any potential paperwork if they scoop up the wrong thing and all of a sudden you have some cursed object in your stores. This is Ramsalon after all.." she said with a bit of a grin.

Thankfully by now with the chatter, enabled her to gracefully hide the fact she was trying to cool off her poor tongue... that was a bit too big of a bite for that...oh the sweet deception of the promise of honey.... she would admit it was good, and while she favored the warmth... this kind she could deal without at least in this level.

"Oh heavens no, her face became slightly flushed, and perhaps a bit sad at the thought of something happening to seryi. If that was so, there, would likely be a rather large mess..."

"This is more a bit of payback for someone else, and for me being a bit to slow to stop it." she sighed "Just be careful what dealings you do in your dreams."


"Well technically if no one

"Well technically if no one is willing to tell him no... then he kinda does own everything...." Briggy plucked gently at a tail while the raven was looking elsewhere, managing to quickly look innocent by the time the bird looked back.

"Salvage has been pretty good - ah mean - borin' work compared t' some seasons. Not a pirate in sight - no mermaids - no nothin - but plenty of old wine casks t'haul up y'know? Pretty straightforward this season really."

".... vendetta...?" Briggy mouthed, curious look at Mo's back at that mention. Oh now that was curious and curious. Lu distracted her from following up on that though - "... it's important work though, it really is. T'only way t'make sure t'work gets done proper - if it ain't written down, it doesn't exist."


Lucrezia's ears flatten out a

Lucrezia's ears flatten out a little at Brigannia's suggestion. "The...the latter, largely. Sounds like your father and my employers have a similar need. It's not always like this, but with summer shipping veritably exploding on both land and sea routes, everyone is trying to rush their arrangements through while there's still time. We're just...making sure they dot every 't' and cross every 'i'. Er, you know what I mean."

She steals a moment to scarf up a few slices of bacon, mostly to keep her own mouth shut. Naturally she's also under contract not to say too much about the details but it's awfully difficult not to share the inter-agency drama as the various merchants vie to put their own interests on top. Luckily, she's been able to keep things relatively far. And with a LOT of help.

"Oh, yes! Salvage rights have been strangely simple to negotiate. A lot of practical minds in the field, it seems. Would that they could all be so."

She sneaks a bit more kimchi, nearly choking on it when Mo mentions a vendetta. "Oh dear - nothing's happened to poor Mr. Mosania, I trust?"


"Honestly I think its more of

"Honestly I think its more of he thinks anything in his vicinity is his, and if its edible all the better, for then if she smacks it up quick no one can take it from him. Which of course can lead to some, interesting times when he finds the waste collections...."

As Briggy reclaims the pork from the bird there was a gasping kind of noise to a caw as if the audacity! Followed with a quick flutter, and of course browsing for another easy snatch within his reach, before he zipped away with a smaller piece, making his way on up Mo's arm and hopping on her head as if he was victorious or something....

Meanwhile poor Mo stands in the wake of the actions with just this look of, yes this is my life...its great... kind of moments for her.

"I would imagine the salvaging has been quite busy aye? considering all and all? Been a good year so far?"

And as Lu mentioned the merchants guild there was a bit of an ooo from her. "Nothing is ever as glamorous as we think, even the glamour."

"oh, not busking, a bit of a different kind of side task, lets say, more in the realm of vendetta kind of dealings..." she said a bit quietly as she was quick to finally get a bit of something that had been done a jerk style with a promise of a honey glaze... but that was only half the truth as her eyes went slight wide...


She held up mostly under the

She held up mostly under the lurai, grinning at the joke managing to land solid. But really it was the sort of thing that just stuck in her head as an image and all.

Briggy chuckled, "Ah have no idea where y'bird puts it - course t'way he keeps steal..." She plucked half a strip of pork back from the bird and popped it in her mouth. "Won't be surprised if he can't take off fer all t'food he's eaten -" She smiled, "Not that I'm one t'talk."

Briggy nodded to Mo, working two clubs was a lot of work after all but she had to figure that's how theatre worked really. "Oh - if y'ever need a chance to get in outta t'heat - y'can always crash at my place if y'need to. Ah mean - pet Dinner and all. But t'heat in summer's been rough if y'doin' buskin'."

"Oooooooh - fancy work then -" Briggy nudged Lu lightly, "Y'lawyerin' for hire or just checkin' that the lawyer's haven't screwed anyone over? I know m'dad had someone check an' double check all t'company's contracts just in case - was important to do it right."


Lucrezia bursts into laughter

Lucrezia bursts into laughter at Brigannia's comment about kimchi getting 'angrier,' leaning on the woman for support so as not to drop her plate "Oh my goodness, yes! That must be it!"

Her laughs settles to a pleasant chuckle as Mo mentions her raven's appetite. "I find it hard to blame him. I'm not sure how much of this is hunger and how much is just a want to taste every single thing here." She leans down to nibble up some delicately thin shabu-shabu, humming happily to herself.

She steals a moment to swallow before answering Brigannia's question. "Well, I've...gotten employment. With the merchants' guild. It's all rather tentative, of course - strictly contract assignments. But it's been...rather lucrative thusfar, even if it isn't always as glamorous as I might have initially hoped."


"I would say I wouldn't have

"I would say I wouldn't have to feed a particular raven for a week, but I know after an hour he will be at it again." She said with a chuckle as Lu mentioned getting more than one's money's worth. And of course there was a bit of a sigh like caw from Scaramouche as well.

Though as Lu recognizes the cabbge, Mo would snap her fingers, but right now she is balancing plates and birds. "Ah yes that what it is, though I had heard of it, been, well feels like forever at least." she said with a quick laugh.

"Well I think many a thing would get angry if it was just left in a hole in a ground, i mean even things that do like to burrow at least have their doorways if they want to scamper out."

Though really considering the rate she eats, which is slower then snail, as snippets of food keep randomly appearing on her plate. She has just resigned to putting it all on one, and stacking them up. Of course Scaramouche was delighted as well he was taking from both anyways, but now it was all his.... as she balanced it carefully in the hand of the arm of which he perched.

"Mostly bouncing between Nightshade and the Orchid as per usual, working some side stuff still, though a wee bit tricky."


"Is that what it's called? I

"Is that what it's called? I was too busy tryin' t'breathe again..." Briggy shook her head, "Amazin' stuff though - I can imagine t'whole gets angrier w' burial thing."

"Oh?" Briggy peered into the lurai's plate for a glance at the short ribs, her own loaded with a small pile of chilled chopped cabbage she was using the take the heat out of the spicier goods. Then again - the plate was just sorta balancing carefully at this point - Briggy didn't come to play around.

"Ah wonder how often they do this sort of thing - it's gotta be half t'city's chefs out here -" Briggy took a pause between the slices of meat to muffle a small burp.

"So ah've been workin' salvage work all summer, what've you two been up to w'out me?"


"Well, whatever you spend, I

"Well, whatever you spend, I think you're sure to get more than your money's worth," Lucrezia chuckles, tucking her own purse away and fidgeting with the now empty stick that once proudly held her tasty meat sample. She glances over her shoulder at Brigannia's warning. "They have kimchi? Ohh, divine! I haven't had it in years. Excellent for the sinuses, especially for those of us with, umm," she taps the side of her muzzle somewhat bashfully. "Yes, well, exceptionally good for the winter months, anyway. Did you know they bury it in the ground to age? Absolutely extraordinary...."

"You two certainly have the right idea. Back in half a moment!" She excuses herself to fetch a plate of her own, happily sparing the coin and a bit more beside, chatting with the folks taking the money about who the charity would go to. Excusing herself again, she makes a few choice selections before rejoining Mo and Brig with a plate that's oddly neat and lean, with a makeshift centerpiece of spicy cabbage that the lurai nibbles at between samplings as a palate cleanser.

"...delectable. I must get everyone's cards before this affair is done, else I'll never be able to sleep for want of these perfectly seasoned short ribs. I didn't even know I LIKED short ribs!"


"Vinegar is prolly one of the

"Vinegar is prolly one of the many things he can eat just fine, so no worries if there is still a bit about."

Though she had to take a moment and stare in awe as Briggy just loaded up the plate. She would have to say it was very impressive, and in a way was just waiting for plate to go topple over, but some how Briggy managed.

Her own plated looked like a desert in comparison, though not for a lack of vendors trying, as there was some pieces that would appear once her attention was turned. Ah the problems when you run into the cooks that get rather concerned when they feel you are all skin and bone...

Of course Scaramouche was more then happy to oblige to pick up some of the appearing meats. Of course getting a small distraction here and there as he catches his reflection in the plate.


"Lue!" Briggy smiled, waving

"Lue!" Briggy smiled, waving a small forkful vinegar soaked pork in her direction. She grinned, waiting that few moments for the woman to chew and swallow. "Ah didn't even know this was bein' planned fer today - it's amazing, right?"

"Oh - the -" She pointed to the place on the far end, "There's some red cabbage stuff there - very tasty but it'll kick y'tush more'n' a bear in t'arena - so careful with that, eh?"

She grinned down at her plate, "Honestly - ah'm figuring on jus' surrenderin' my purse at the end of the evenin'."


Lucrezia took a long,

Lucrezia took a long, lingering breath to capture every succulent particle hovering in the area, mingled from all directions like a great swirling rainbow of flavor - all of them heavenly to her carnivorous tastes.

She slowly opens her eyes, holding the breath until it starts to burn a bit in her chest before finally, reluctantly setting it free, smiling at the galley of open-air grills, pots, racks and spits all adorned in a rich variety of meats ranging from all over. The spices were their own blissful wonderland, but she had to remind herself not to overdo it. She had a reputation to upload, after all - it wouldn't do to be seen inquiring about some sort of meat wagon rental to abide her current appetite.

Instead, with a tiny whimper she begins her tour of the vendors, forcing herself to review and perhaps just sample each before committing too heavily to any one style or flavor. A truer test of wills she's sure she's never endured, especially after a full day of contract filings and official correspondence. Honestly, were she required, she feels confident she could wrestle her own pig to the ground just long enough for the vendor to slather it in sauce if the occasion demanded it. Thankfully, most of all to her sense of decorum, that option didn't appear to be available at this particular festival.

Several stalls into her tour, with a small sample on a stick in one hand and her ready coinpurse in the other, she happily spots a pair of familiar faces. With an awkward grin, she waves to Mo and Brigannia with her meat-sample-on-a-stick, taking a bite as she heads over to reconnect with the pair.

Her plan backfires somewhat as she has to take a moment to chew before being able to greet them properly, and despite the small size of the sample the woman takes a long moment to savor it, closing her eyes again and rumbling a happy noise up from her throat. "Gods, can all charity events be this exactly set of chefs? Honestly, I would be broke in a week and all the happier for it..."

Pffft y'all omg XD




drags in the panda like ima gonna give you a choice, type you fool, type like a very heavy tangable wind that can press keys and not by banging ones bum on the keyboard


As Briggy passed by she snuck

As Briggy passed by she snuck a small slice of the less spicy or herb covered chicken that had made its way onto her plate to the bird, heading for the pulled pork station next. A might pile of ragged looking piggy goodness before them - and a half pig over a smoker to the side. It was a little closer to 'home' this time - but still just as good looking.

Briggy got a good pile on - actually more than she really wanted but the vendor muttered something about 'put some meat on y'bones' and how was she going to refuse that?

"Ah figure if I just keep the vinegar on the side he might be able to have some of this?"