Ramsalon's Winter Revelry Day 2

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Ramsalon's Winter Revelry Day 2

This is for Day 2 of the Winter Revelry in Ramsalon.

This is a bunch of smaller events, due to the tournament it is tough to judge a relative time frame.
When signing up, if you are interested in being a contestant in any events please let us know which one and on which character.

Some events may have more then one SH or ASH running parts of it (these events tend to be more dynamic and fluid then a straight forward session, and this is also to allow everyone a chance to participate on characters on such a big event IC. A/SHs will NOT be allowed to rule actions for their own characters)

The schedule will kind of be fluid until Dec 20th as people get a better idea on their holiday schedule.

Multiple characters will be allowed so long as the player can keep up the flow of events, but only one set of xp will be awarded per player. (Competition rewards other then XP will be only awarded to the character that participated in that competition.)

Only one character per player per competition (a single character may participate in multiple competitions).

Tournament of Champions: The Sorcerer’s Showdown
Rules: Magic Spells only
If interested in competing please let us know on which character in the sign up

The Nobles Showing:
The people of Ramsalon are known for following leaders of action. This year they are bringing something more to the Revelry - a charity. Here the various noble houses of the city and those that they have invited from all will compete and showcase a select set of activities of their choosing. All proceeds generated by the event will go to a set of charities they support. This years charities: Star Child Orphanage, Foundation of Hope, and The Agricultural Assurance Organization

This year’s selections:

    An Auction

If a player wishes to participate in the event can do some preliminary RP to be patroned by a noble to participate. There are no official prizes for doing so. But one may be able to earn reputation and gain a foot in the door in certain social aspects.
For the auction - there is a bit more. A character may donate an item to the auction via a Noble they can convince to be a patron of them for the showing. If this is done then a reward will be worked out equal to the worth of the item donated. Items can be crafted or bought.
If interested please contact me so I can send you a list of the families involved and let you choose which of them you would like to do your character attempting to get a patron scene with. This must be done no later then Dec 23.

Thursday, December 31, 2015 - 16:00 to 22:00


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Solid maybe :)

I'm not much for getting blitzed on New Year's anymore, so I suspect I'll be free :) Jess would be signing up for the sorcerer contest

Interested, but wait-list me for others
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I'm interested! Seryi will

I'm interested! Seryi will likely be trying to make sure the NRD is on the charity list for next year and he might throw down some donated items

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I can take point on helping to organize for the hours when Zxe will be away. :) So there'll be no worry there. And I'm happy to be a second for the tournament part of the day and then I'll take point on helping with the nobles stuff in the evening.

In an attempt to force Odette out of her comfort zone, I would be interested in possibly having her compete at the sorcerer's showdown. So time allowing I would be interested in potentially competing.

Assuming that I can coordinate a noble to sponsor, I'd be interested in having Audun donate an item for one of the noble families for the auction. So I would/will need a second A/SH to help me with that part. But other than that, I will be able to help run much of the evening events. :)

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Magic stuff

Daniel with the magic contest !

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Not attending