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with the impersonation thing I am kind of wondering, cuz there was this other dude whom was like pestering this guy to join the guild he ran off too

which was formed by peeps that just up and toll nearly half our team in the middle of progression last expansion..


yeah thats why those of us

yeah thats why those of us online were pulling a major WTH

and trying to track that shit down, cuz either 1) someone is being a dick of which we need to fix that...
2) someone is impersonating us and causing shit...
3) they got the wrong guild (since there is a horde one which is on exodar XD)


But if peeps still feeling up

But if peeps still feeling up for some light rp at least, stiull the idea of an icesculpting bit in the park XD


its more contained then like

its more contained then like the whole guild, but atm we trying to figure out whom sabotaged one of our friends from trialling with a us 150 guild...

apparently someone from that guild talked to one of our officers? and ended up like bad mouthing this guy and now the us150 guild qwon't take him :/


No worries! Sorry to hear

No worries! Sorry to hear there's more drama -_-

I'm neck-deep coordinating stream casting for tomorrow and also Christmas shopping and also beta reading for a friend and also making dinner and gosh this Saturday got kinda chaotic all in a hurry ^^;




sorry some guild drama popped up so was handling that


Yup! Bast's arrived late

Yup! Bast's arrived late yesterday, there was squeeing. The paws are So Good

Also your present arrived so we've come full circle :D


May be a few min late,

May be a few min late, wrapping up errands.

But a theme for today how does ice sculpting in the grand park sound?

Though if not feeling it can always shelve it for another day