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WE will be in very late friday, but I figured closer to the trip can find out what works for meeting up sat - cuz we will ahve all sat, sunday and much of monday to chill and stuff


Also I just wrapped up a

Also I just wrapped up a round of We Need to Go Deeper with the Oklahoma crew and I'm still super wired from it

Gosh that's a fun game




have I told you guys that you two are too precious?


I, Dormitar, Guardian of the

I, Dormitar, Guardian of the Sleepiverse, have no need of such trivialities!

....I'm just playing, Bast and I are chatting about stuff and I can't stand going to bed when she's on a roll so





is gnawed upon!

is gnawed upon!

but now i should prrrrobably get some caffine ;)


ok there we go - got a good

ok there we go - got a good long list of theme updates in place now. as well as some smaller bugs I spotted along the way...


This was a ton of fun! :D

This was a ton of fun! :D Thank you again so much for the RP. It was amazing as always. You totally rule.

Goodnight, and in case I don't talk to you early enough, good luck with the raid tomorrow! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you all.

Also, get some good rest! You totally earned it! :D


I think this next one is

I think this next one is gonna have to be my last one. I should try to get this ol' body to bed before I turn into a true pumpkin.


It's not very fun, is it? It

It's not very fun, is it? It's kinda terrifying. Although better to do it to yourself cause then you can decide whether it hurts too much and the best way to do it and avoid the pain.


nodsnods cool

nodsnods cool

yeah I had some adventures with scraping my elbow goo eariler ><