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She's known for almost always having a smile on her face. Catherine has a big laugh and she likes telling jokes and trying to make people laugh. She's very outgoing (unless she's having an off day). She often wears pretty dresses (that she's made) and she's always happy to talk about sewing, food, and books. She enjoys making special clothing of all sorts and leather armor for people. So ask, and she shall make it.

3016 Harvest Course Finisher - Completed the 3016 Harvest Festival Obstacle Course
Determination and Pig Hugs - It was by sheer stubborness and the desire to hug a piglet called 'Alice' that she made it through the trials of the 3016 Harvest Obstacle Course

Catherine is average height and weight for a human female of her age. She has a hell of an appetite, but her metabolism keeps her slender everywhere except her chest. That is where all those snacks tend to end up. She has long dark hair with veins of deep red running through it that have been lightened by the sun. It is often braided out of her eyes. She is quite pretty, with deep moss green eyes and a dazzling smile. She is a talented seamstress so her clothes are always immaculately maintained. Her clothes are common styles, but often in surprisingly flattering dye combinations. Her clothes get a hint of embroidery or some small accent of nice fabric she managed to get a hold of and they always look beautiful.

Around her neck she always wears a simple necklace. It is a small cabochon, in a deep reddish black color. If you look at it closely you see a vein of gold sparkles similar to a galaxy in the night sky. The chain clasps with a serpent shaped clasp. Catherine is not shy about telling people about her necklace, as it was a gift from her grandmother. She jokes that perhaps it's magic, or haunted, but deep down she knows it's not.

A pinterest gallery of some musings and outfits that she would be interested in and inspired by. Although it can be very telling about her personality, so please use discretion.

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2.22% artist
13.33% charismatic
11.11% good
20.00% intelligent
53.33% physical
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