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Vaxia is a collaborative online role-playing game site inspired and similar to pen and paper RPGs.

While there are the usual adventure, equipment, Stats and even virtual dice, the heart of Vaxia is a community of storytellers who have come together to participate in shared fictional persistent worlds that we make together.

Vaxia offers two different worlds (called settings) to play in:

* Vaxia - our fantasy setting
* Sirian - our sci fi setting.

There are campaigns, called sessions, that are run by Story Hosts (our version of a Game Master). These sessions can range from a simple carnival where the player characters get to play mini games and socialize to dangerous events like threats to the town, dungeon crawls, and other adventures.

Sessions are not the only way to play since both our settings are persistent worlds. The world is always moving, living - even if there are no sessions. Our players help keep that going through casual roleplay which covers the more day to day stories of our characters. Anytime you and another player are on site - you can start playing!

The game is played in your browser and is entirely text-based play by post in a chat room. There are no limitations to the level of interactivity or detail as we let our words and imagination capture our shared stories.

The wiki is where you can find all the official information on our game system, settings, and community policies.

Limbo is our Out of Character (OOC) chatroom where many of us hang out and chat, and is a good place to go if you get lost, to get some help, and to meet the members of our community.

Vaxia is a labor of love. You'll never be asked to pay a penny and will never see an advertisement on Vaxia. We are run entirely on donations.

Come, explore, drop into Limbo and say hi, create a character and come play.

We look forward to seeing you around.

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Returning Players

    Used to be a member? Welcome Back! We now archive inactive accounts so please follow our account recovery process

    Since moving to the new Drupal based site there have been many changes in not only the administration of the site but also in Setting, System, and Social.
    A guide to help get you caught up with the changes can be found here.